Monday, October 19, 2009

Power Flush

Q: What is a power flush and do I need one.

A: Usually power flushes are done instead of a standard transmissions flush at fast lube places using a machine. They do this for two reasons one is that it takes less time because they don't take off the transmission pan (essential for any proper transmission service) and secondly, because if they don't take the transmission pan off, it won't be their fault if it starts to leak.

The reason a power flush is advertised more than a standard transmission flush, is that shops make more money on a power flush than they would on a regular transmission flush.

Removing the transmission pan is essential. When you remove the pan, you can check for red flags of transmission problems. If you don't, those red flags remain a mystery until your transmission fails and you're ready for an expensive repair job. The reason most repair shops and quick lube places dislike to remove the transmission pan is because there is a chance of causing leaks, and a chance that one of their mechanics installs the wrong pan gasket or filter.

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