Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Wrong Car Oil

Importance of proper lubricants in modern cars has never been greater. Just a few years ago there were two basic types of oil 10w30 and 10w40.When you did your oil change service you typically
had the option of upgrading to 10w40 for a few dollars more. This was thought to offer additional
engine protection.

Welcome to the new world. The modern engines have much tighter tolerances in their internal
parts. They also control engine temperatures much more closely, the result being much better control
of thermal expansion. The old engines benefited from the heavier oils because it covered up sloppy
machining on the engine internals. Heavier oils stayed on the parts better and resisted movement reducing metal on metal wear.

The new oils offer better engine protection because they flow easier they get to the internal engine parts faster reducing wear. Another benefit of the new thinner oils is they take less horsepower to pump the oil to all the places needed, thereby increasing fuel economy with nothing
more than an oil change.

To better understand oil viscosities you need to know what the numbers mean.10w30 oil means that it is a multi weight oil. When it is real cold it will act as a ten weight and flow more easily. When the engine gets hot it acts as a 30 weight offering better protection against metal on metal wear. In
reality it never gets to 10 weight or 30 weight. It will float somewhere in between depending on

In the newer cars I see 5w20 and even 00wt which is only possible using synthetic oil. When you
have your oil changed always go with the manufactures recommendations. They have spent millions
to design your car and how it works; don’t shortchange yourself changing your oil type. BMW's
are known to have valve noise just by the wrong oil.

If you go to the fast lube places be careful to get the right oil. They buy it in bulk to save money.
They will sometimes try to use the bulk oil instead of what should be used. You will find that most of
them will not know near as much about oil as you do now after reading this article. By using the bulk
10w30 instead of 5w20 that you should use you are losing gas mileage and premature engine wear.
You will never even know the difference it happens so slowly.

By: Ray Seiler: For more information on Ray's Qualifications and Experience view the About the Author page.

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  1. Everything used to work more simple in the old days. Now with newer engines comes more oil, gas, and lubricant options making it headache for people to buy the proper product.